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About Guild of Dungeoneering

Recruit adventurers to explore dungeons for the glory of your Guild. Build the dungeon room by room, fill it with monsters, traps and treasure .. and hope your dungeoneers have what it takes to return victorious!

A dungeon exploration game where you don't get to control your adventurer directly. Instead you lay out the dungeon one room at a time, placing treasure and monsters to carefully guide your dungeoneer to victory.. unless he's got other ideas!

This game is in alpha right now but is already playable. Give it a go below! If you choose to buy the pre-order you will get

Guild of Dungeoneering is being lovingly crafted by Colm Larkin (@gambrinous) with original art by Fred Mangan (@fredmangan). You can reach me at

*: I'm using Adobe AIR to package the game as a downloadable application, which works great for Windows and Mac but I've now heard may be more difficult on Linux. I'll do what I can!

Press for Guild of Dungeoneering

Press? You may want this high res logo or this then. I'm always willing to answer questions or do an interview, just get in touch:

".. a lovely sketches-on-graph-paper aesthetic .."
"There’s a huge amount of potential in the concept .."
Rock, Paper, Shotgun
"Those bigheaded dungeon delvers will have to get their hands dirty in order to make off with the good stuff."
"If your dungeoneer’s too stupid to avoid that nasty golem.. well at least he went down with a funny splat sound, and there’s plenty more adventurers in the tavern! "
ErraticGamer (interview)
".. exciting to toy around with the random element of cards and strategizing what to put down and where."

Guild of Dungeoneering - Screenshots

Guild of Dungeoneering - Video

Here's about 15 minutes of alpha gameplay with commentary by me, which gives a good flavour of the game. This is from the alpha as of March 2nd.

Guild of Dungeoneering - Playable Demo

This is an early work-in-progress alpha version. I would love feedback in this devlog thread or on this Facebook page or @gambrinous. Thanks! If you are recording gameplay you should probably install the AIR version instead.

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