Guild of Dungeoneering

A dungeon exploration game where you don't get to control the adventurer. Instead you lay out the dungeon one room at a time (including treasure & monsters) and he proceeds according to his AI. You want him to explore, level up, find treasures and ultimately survive - but you don't get to directly control him.

Futility RPG

A bit of a joke game completed for 1GAM in August 2013. The idea is you are filling in your character sheet for an old-school D&D RPG. The problem is the questions are never ending!


Another joke game, this one was finished for 1GAM in July 2013. You have a tamagotchi-like virtual pet to look after, except this one looks a little depressed ..

Captains of Industry

A card-drafting game set during the Industrial Revolution. This was made for 1GAM during May 2013 and a lovely prototype version was printed by the end of the month. Since then another board game was published with the same name - I'll be picking a new name for my little card game soon!

Dungeon Delver

My first 1GAM entry, built in April 2013. You lay out a dungeon tile by tile trying to reach the treasure room. This has since been expanded into Guild of Dungeoneering.

Seabird Plunge

Built at the GameCraft 12 hour gamejam in Dublin in November 2012. You are a seabird and you must dive into the sea to eat fish. CAAAW!

Unnamed fantasy risk game

The second game I tried to make as Gambrinous. Built between 2010 and 2012 using AS3 and Flixel. Then ABANDONED.

Drinking Rampage

A tiny game made at a 4-hour game jam in March 2011. Try and move around the pub picking up pints while avoiding the bouncer. As you get drunker the controls start to become .. unresponsive.

Unnamed fantasy tactics game

The first game I tried to make as Gambrinous. Built between 2008 and 2010 using AS3 with my own custom 2D engine for everything. Then ABANDONED.